Your refund processing is provided to you through Hulet CPA and Associates PLLC and Santa Barbara Tax Products Group, LLC (Bank) using banking services of Civista Bank ("Bank"). The refund processing agreement below governs the agreement. It contains terms and conditions that authorize Civista Bank to receive from the IRS your federal tax refund from the IRS and Santa Barbara to deduct the applicable fees. Additional information in the Agreement is your consent for your refund to be released and your information to Civista and Santa Barbara so they can make these deductions

By clicking I agree you (and your spouse, if joint return) are accepting and agreeing to the terms and conditions of the Agreement. Furthermore, by clicking accept below, you electronically sign and authorize Hulet CPA and Associates PLLC (and their third party processor) to debit your preparation fee, fees for any additional products or services, if your federal refund is insufficient to cover the total then you we will ACH debit the amount from your bank account through your provided routing and account number. Note that the processing fee is due whether your refund is large enough to cover your processing fee or not.

You will be required to sign the Santa Barbara Tax Products Group, LLC agreement when signing your tax return at the completion of your tax preparation.