Click Tax Pro PLLC, or Hulet CPA and Associates PLLC will provide the audit guard services for the tax return described on the membership certificate in return for the applicable membership fee and compliance with all applicable terms of this agreement (the "Audit Guard Plan").


In this agreement, "you" and "your" refer to the member(s) shown on the membership certificate. "We," "us" and "" refer to Click Tax Pro PLLC and/or Hulet CPA and Associates PLLC, the company providing audit guard services. "IRS" refers to the Internal Revenue Service and "State" refers to your state income tax authority.

Audit: Audit means any communication, including telephone calls, initiated by the IRS or State income tax agency that wishes to audit, examine, review, investigate or verify any item or items on the IRS income tax forms and State equivalent listed on the membership certificate.

Audit Guard: Audit Guard means that Click Tax Pro PLLC will represent you through the completion of any income tax audit for the tax return year identified on the membership certificate during the Period of Membership. Audit notification must be received during the Period of Membership. The Audit Guard Plan is also subject to the limitations and exclusions listed in the membership certificate and this agreement. Audit Guard also includes:

No settlement will be reached with the IRS or State without your final approval and consent.

Two hours of collection assistance is available on request if your covered audit results in additional tax due.

Acceptance Date: Acceptance Date is the date that Click Tax Pro PLLC receives your payment for the Audit Guard Plan in full. Your Acceptance Date appears on the membership certificate.

Statute of Limitations: Statute of Limitations is the time the IRS or State has to audit your tax return. The Statute of Limitations for the IRS is typically three years from the date of filing or the due date, whichever is later, and is typically four years for States.

Period of Membership: Period of Membership is the period commencing with the Acceptance Date and ending with the expiration of the typical Statute of Limitations period for the applicable tax return.

Audit Representative(s): Audit Representative(s) means your Click Tax Pro PLLC audit representative(s) who will be assigned to your audit case. These individuals will ordinarily be assigned to you according to their area of expertise.


Your name, address, and any other personal information will not be disclosed or sold to any persons or firms other than Click Tax Pro PLLC and Hulet CPA and Associates PLLC.


Audit Guard - We will professionally defend a covered federal or state income tax audit or notice from the time of the first notice to its completion, subject to the Audit Guard Plan Limitations and Exclusions described below. This includes any Audit that arises during the period of membership as defined on the membership certificate. All scheduling of appointments, telephone calls and correspondence will be handled by the assigned Audit Representative. We will meet or correspond with the auditor on your behalf and will defend you through the highest level of appeals or in rare circumstances we will assign a third party to represent you with your approval, subject to the terms herein.


Our Responsibility: We are responsible to provide you with professional Audit Guard service.

Your Responsibility: Upon receipt of any communication from the IRS or State, you are responsible to perform or provide the following:

Promptly call Click Tax Pro PLLC first at 435-574-9272. Do not contact the IRS or State. To ensure effective service regarding your Audit, you must use your assigned an Audit Representative(s) as your only contact with the IRS or State. If you do not contact Click Tax Pro PLLC within 15 days of the date of the first notice, additional charges may apply. If you wait too long, you will eliminate our ability to defend your case.

Provide your signature(s) on the required IRS or State Power of Attorney and return to the Audit Representative(s) in a timely manner. This will enable your Audit Representative(s) to communicate with the IRS or State on your behalf. This document may not be altered in any way.

Provide in a timely manner the information and documentation necessary to substantiate the various items of income and expense in question so that your Audit Representative(s) can prepare your defense.

We ask that you comply with the Audit procedure and strategy actions recommended by us and any of the Audit Representative(s) working on your behalf. If you are unable to maintain this commitment, we cannot be responsible for the outcome of your Audit and reserves the right to cease providing service where reasonably warranted.


Click Tax Pro PLLC is dedicated solely to legitimately protecting the rights and assets of our members in the event of an Audit. The following defines our service limitations:


Certain Audits, tax returns, and issues of audit may be excluded from the Audit Guard Plan for any of the following reasons: